Smells Like Chuck Bass Candle

This candle smells like what I can only imagine your favorite rich boy smells like. Let's admit it, Chuck was the absolute worst at the beginning, but we are talking season 5 Chuck here, you know the one that would do anything for Blair? I mean "Next time you forget your Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass & I love you."


For Chuck, we feel it's only fitting to recommend Flannel + Musk, a blend of warm greens, bergamot, and mahogany, with notes of sweet vanilla and soft musk.


We understand that our recommended scents may not be for everyone, which is why we offer a variety of manly scents to chose from; guaranteed to be one for everyone's tastes.

This candle is available in two sizes: 

  • Standard sized 8 oz jar with a burn time of approximately 35+ hours, perfect for bathrooms,  dressers, countertops, and nightstands;
  • Large sized 16 oz jar with a burn time of approximately 55+ hours perfect for larger spaces like kitchens, family rooms and entryways.


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