Smells Like Luna

As one of the most unique characters in the series, Luna holds many qualities that make her the young witch that she is.

For Luna, we recommend Lavender Vanilla because we feel that the very soft and powdery herbal lavender sweetened with vanilla and hints of white musk embraces her optimism and faithfulness. When we smell Lavender Vanilla, we are reminded of when Luna was first introduced, sitting on the train reading a magazine upside down. Harry and his friends were apprehensive of Luna at first because of her quirkiness, but in the end she was a very valuable member of Dumbledore’s Army. This candle is perfect for those who are always looking at the bright side, or if you need a reminder to always be yourself just like Luna.

We understand that one scent might not fit everyone's taste which is why we always have a recommended scent for each candle, but ultimately the choose is up to you! We want you to pick the scent that best works for you, so you can have a candle that you can't stop talking about!

Our candles are available in two sizes:
- Our standard size, an 8 oz jar with a burn time of approximately 35+ hours or; - Our large size, a 16 oz jar with a burn time of approximately 55+ hours.

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