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C & E Craft was founded in 2018 and is located in Conshohocken, PA. We are focused on creating hand-poured, all-natural soy wax candles & other handmade items. We are dedicated to providing our customers with unique and customized items and are focused on expanding our product lines. Make sure to check back to see new products we have in store.

Our Li'l Sebastian Candle is 8 ounces and comes in a variety of scents but we recommend our Scotch Pine scent. It smells of a warm earthy scent with mossy green accents, hints of apple and peach, with undertones of woody fir balsam, spruce and cedar heart.

Our candles are created in small batches with soy wax to ensure they are both long burning (40+ hours) and better than store bought alternatives. Our candle labels are all designed by us to ensure our customers are receiving a unique and one-of-a-kind item.

Our soy wax is locally sourced to ensure it is sustainably farmed and safe for all homes, especially for those with children and pets. Soy wax is made from soybeans and is both renewable and sustainable. Our candles burn slowly and cleanly, and you never have to worry about carcinogens or synthetic materials commonly found in other candles.

Love this candle and Parks and Rec? Check out our Parks and Recreation Gift Pack below!

At C & E Craft we understand purchasing candles online can be a bit of an unknown, so we have detailed scent descriptions and highly scented candles to offer you peace of mind. If you have any questions about scents, our products or placing an order please reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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